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Cambridge Businesswomen's Network

The Cambridge Businesswomen's Network aims to offer regional women in business the opportunity to meet, forge contacts and extend their skills.

Our monthly events are open to women from all sectors of the business community including the professions, the public sector, large corporations and small businesses and are a great networking opportunity. Come along and join one of the liveliest networks in this region!

CBN is non-profit-making organisation run by members for members and our membership fees are vital to provide a supportive forum for businesswomen.

Latest updates

Have I Got News For You?

CBN Members were given an introduction to PR at a meeting held at Newnham College on Tuesday 17th November. Lesley Crosland from Crosland Communications defined the differences between advertising, advertorial and editorial; outlined what makes a good news story; and advised on using PR effectively in a crisis. Those attending were given a summary of the evening’s presentation which included Ten Tips To Make PR Work which are listed here below...

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Most events are open to non-members so come along and see for yourself; learn, network and have fun.

A Christmas Bauble workshop

Thu 10 Dec: 7.00 - 9.30pm

At Glazed Creations, Royston


Presentations: Raising your Skills

Presentations: raising your skills and raising funds for Charity 7th December, 6.30pm at St John's Innovation Centre

Lucy Cavendish College 50th Anniversary

Events include: Outstanding Women of Achievement lecture series - Harriet Lamb, Barbara Sahakian, Sophie Hannah, Ceri Goddard, Hazel Thompson and Helena Kennedy.

Birketts launch latest employment law series

Birketts has launched its latest series of free employment law seminars looking at tackling the issue of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.